Books Present Correlations Between St. Francis And His Papal Namesake – Catholic Philly


Murphy discusses Francis almost sacramental view of creation, and how the great saint saw nature, including not only the birds and the flowers, but also the rocks, fire, and even death, as kin. Murphy writes of the Franciscan vision: Creation becomes more than something to merely master, as it enunciates the masterly artistry of God. He turns to the words of Pope Francis, warning that money rather than man has become the lord of the world, even though we are supposed to be the stewards of nature and use it for the benefit of all while protecting creation. Owing to their preoccupation with a Franciscan spirituality for today, both books are rather thin on historical details surrounding St. Francis. The authors present him as floating in a kind of bubble, only connected to his historical circumstances and people through the vignettes offered, such as when the saint embraces a leper, or when he accepts Clare of Assisi by cutting off her hair and helping her to establish a parallel order for women. The risk is that, though these books are never intended to be biographies of the saint, without a strong connection to the real Francis and his time, Franciscan spirituality becomes abstracted from the genuine person and the Gospel itself. Perhaps this weakness, common to both, is compensated with the concrete inspirational facts and words from the life and spirituality of Pope Francis, as they both succeed in showing the greatness of this most humble man and his strong connections to people.
Books present correlations between St. Francis and his papal namesake – Catholic Philly

Klassen’s ‘hat’ Books Hit One-million Mark


In addition to registering brisk sales I Want My Hat Back spent 48 weeks and This Is Not My Hat 43 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list the books garnered an impressive roster of accolades. The first title was named a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book, a New York Times Best Illustrated Childrens Book of the Year, and a PW Best Childrens Book of the Year, and won an E.B. White Read-Aloud Award in the picture book category. This Is Not My Hat, which received six starred reviews, won the 2013 Caldecott Medal for Klassen. It was also designated a New York Times Notable Childrens Book, and made it onto several Best of the Year lists, including PWs. We are thrilled that sales of these books continue at such a strong pace, and are gratified to celebrate this one million-copy landmark with him, said John Mendelson, Candlewicks senior v-p and sales director, in a statement.
Klassen’s ‘Hat’ Books Hit One-Million Mark

Make A Difference Day Awards: Books Spur Kids To Action

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It taught me that even the smallest good deed could make a big difference in someone's life." Katsoris is based in Eastchester, N.Y., but he made his effort nationwide through partnerships with the charitable organizations National Philoptochos Society and Kiwanis International and the anti-bullying organization PACER, all of which reached out to schools, libraries and other child-focused organizations. Adults read the Loukoumi books to kids and had them sign "I will Make A Difference by" pledges. The kids then performed the good deeds on Oct. 26. <br><a href='' rel='nofollow'>Make A Difference Day Awards: Books spur kids to action</a>

The Top 10 Books On Apple’s Ibooks


Sycamore Row by John Grisham (Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group) 14. Play by Kylie Scott (St. Martin’s Press) 15. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (Penguin Group US) 16.
The top 10 books on Apple’s iBooks

Republican Senator Says Administration Has ‘cooked The Books’ On Obamacare Numbers


ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT I don’t think it means anything, he told Fox News Sunday. They are cooking the books on this. Though the enrollment number now appears just a million shy of the administrations goal of 7 million by the March 31 deadline, Barrasso said Americans who have switched to ObamaCare from insurance deemed sub-standard under the Affordable Care Act still dont know whether they can keep their same doctors. And they dont know whether their premiums will indeed be more affordable. Among the other questions are whether enough younger people have enrolled in ObamaCare to cover the health care costs of older Americans in the program and how many of those enrolled previously were uninsured. Maine Sen. Angus King, Independent, said on the show that the enrollment number is now at 6.5 million and that signups are getting younger every day. However, he acknowledged the administration needs to be more forthcoming about the numbers, as Americans rely on third-party analysis to get much of their information. I do think theres a transparency problem, said King, adding he would be willing to work on legislation to fix such problems.
Republican senator says administration has ‘cooked the books’ on ObamaCare numbers

How To Detox, A Few Helpful Tips From Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota



Scientists have recently identified a dozen chemicals as being responsible for widespread behavioral and cognitive problems in people. This is in addition to chemicals such as lead which have been found for decades to have substantive health effects primarily on children and pregnant women. Its clear why people consider cleansing to remove the toxins. Cleanses are a safe way to assist in removing some of these toxic chemicals from our bodies. As with any procedure, clients are advised to seek medical advice before embarking on any detox, especially if there are underlying health concerns.
How to detox, a few helpful tips from Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota

Revised Rules For Medical Equipment


Under the new rule, which comes into effect on June 1, medical equipment in China will be divided into three categories based on the potential health risks they might pose for the public. High-risk equipment will be placed under stricter control by the authorities, it said. Those who manufacture or operate unregistered high-risk medical equipment, or manufacture or operate it without official endorsement will have their illegal gains, production apparatus and materials confiscated. They could face fines of up to 20 times as much as the value of the equipment, as well as criminal charges.

Indian Finance Minister Says Fundamentals Improved


No one talks about a downgrade any more. The fundamentals have strengthened,” Chidambaram told reporters in the capital. The Indian rupee strengthened last week to an 8-month high after spiraling to a lifetime low of more than 68 per dollar in August. Still, India is struggling to revive its once-strong economic growth rate. The first three quarters of fiscal year 2013-14 had expansion rates of less than 5 percent, down from a decade of 8 percent or better growth.
Indian finance minister says fundamentals improved

Jim Kelly Gears Up For New Round Of Cancer Fight


The Super Bowl losses, the fabulous career, my son born sick, making the Hall of Fame, my son dying, two plates and 10 screws in my back after major surgery, one plate and six screws in my neck after another surgery, a double hernia, the cancer, surgery on my jaw, the cancer coming back, now what Im facing. Last June, part of his cancerous upper jaw was removed by doctors. He received a prosthesis of six fake teeth and bone, fastened into the hole left by the surgery like a large retainer. Still, painful headaches persisted. The normal person wouldnt have been able to take it, Kelly said. Some days, I dont know how I did. Id look up to the Lord and say, I give. Uncle.

Five Days Later, It Looks Like Google Has Penalized Web Design Library For Selling Links



Today, Im seeing it at No. 48 for that same query. But the more obvious indicator of a penalty is that the site no longer ranks for its own name, Web Design Library. If you missed the original story, someone using the name Vince and tweeting from the @vitaliykoloswdl account was reaching out via Twitter to renew paid link agreements with a number of companies. One of the biggest was T-Mobile, as shown in this conversation that began in February: But if you look through that accounts tweets, it appears that Vince isnt just reaching out to renew some two-year-old paid links, hes also tweeting at dozens of companies asking to contact their link building guy or marketing guy often mentioning link building and cooperation between his site and theirs. (Whatever hes doing, and no matter where you stand on the ethics of buying/selling links, Twitter isnt the place for it.) What About T-Mobile & Others?

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